Police warn coastal visitors to park legally or risk getting a fine

Police warn coastal visitors to park legally or risk getting a fine

by Danielle Thompson (August 2020)

POLICE have warned visitors to Sefton’s coastline to park legally or risk getting a fine.

Both Merseyside Police and Sefton Council want to put the brakes on motorists leaving their cars on double yellow lines, across people’s driveways or on grass verges.

After seeing large numbers of people travelling to the coast during the sunny weather, the Sefton Coastal Landscape Partnership launched a new multi-agency campaign to remind people to “continue to be sensible” when parking.

There are concerns that emergency service vehicles are struggling with access issues whenever people flock to the beaches and other beauty spots on the coast.

Sefton Superintendent Graeme Robson said:“We know that illegal parking, especially at busy times, can cause huge inconvenience to people locally, with people blocking residents in or out of their own drives.

“But even more concerning, some parking on pavements and where obstructions are caused can prove extremely dangerous.

“We have seen pedestrians including those in pushchairs or in wheelchairs forced to walk into the road to walk around vehicles, and emergency vehicles unable to pass down roads quickly due to inconsiderate parking.

“Our officers will be out supporting Sefton Council’s efforts to persuade visitors to park legally and responsibly, and I urge anyone coming to visit the Sefton coastline to be considerate at all times.

“If you are visiting by car, please be considerate when parking your vehicle, leave room for emergency vehicles, as tight spaces will slow down emergency vehicles and delay their response time to emergency calls.”

Sefton Civil Enforcement Officer have issued Penalty Charges to significantly more vehicles in the last few weeks, compared to the same dates in previous years, after motorists caused problems while parking.

Peter Moore, Head of Highways & Public Protection said: “All our car parks are clearly signposted and we always encourage people to park legally, responsibly and with consideration for others.

“Sefton is doing everything it can to address these parking issue and our enforcement officers will be issuing parking tickets to cars parked irresponsibly and dangerously.”

Sefton Council recently re-opened Ainsdale Beach car park - £8 all day for all vehicles and Southport’s Esplanade Park & Ride at £2 per car. 

For regular visitors, Sefton Council offers a money-saving £20 season ticket for parking on Ainsdale Beach.

Details of how to apply can be found at  www.sefton.gov.uk/beaches

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