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Striking out!

Striking out!

by Danielle Thompson (October 2020)

ELEVEN people have been charged after warrants were carried out during a drug dealing ‘strike day’ at addresses in Southport, Formby and L13.

Merseyside Police officers held the strike last Thursday to tackle suspected Class A and Class B drug dealing and targeted a supply chain of linked members of the same group. A quantity of cash and Class B drugs were recovered.

The following have all been charged with Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs and Conspiracy to Supply Class B Drugs between 01/07/2018 and 23/10/2020:

Nathan Ball, 32, Canning Road, Southport along with  Peter Ball, 25, Canning Road;  Kieran Bradshaw, 25, Ovington Drive;  Kane Doherty, 25, Kensington Road;  Jordan Gelling, 29, Lytham Road; Jesse Fashoni, 25, Bridge Grove; Arlie Bailey, 19, of Knowsley Road - all Southport; Thomas Rigby, 27, of Bull Cop, Formby;  Lewis Appleby, 26, of Glebe Lane,  Banks;  Lee McCrystal-Cole, 22, of Pighue Lane, Wavertree;  and  Daniel Crompton, 20, The Marshes Lane, Mere Brow.

 Thomas Rigby has also been charged with Conspiracy to Import Class B Drugs between 01/01/2020 and 23/10/2020. 

Sefton Superintendent Graeme Robson revealed the ‘strike day’ was organised after members of the community raised concerns about drug dealing in the local area.

He said: “Drug supply causes misery, an increase in negative role models with clear access to financial gains and an increase in crime by addicts to raise funds for drugs.

“Criminals don’t stop – even in the pandemic, they just had logistical issues and still found ways to adapt in the lockdown so that they could still deal drugs.

“These warrants were carried out to disrupt individuals who were acting as a group – and negatively affecting the community.”

He added that he believes that crime continued at the same level during the pandemic.

He said: “I want our communities to know that even during a pandemic our work does not stop – it really is business as usual when it comes to tackling criminals and bringing them to justice.  

“We fully understand the scourge that drug dealing and the associated gang criminality has on our communities and we are determined to stamp it out. 

“We have spent a considerable amount of time gathering information and intelligence in order for us to take this action to rid the streets of Class A and B drugs and the people who sell and distribute them.

“It’s also important that we are able to identify the vulnerable people in our communities who are taken advantage of by these gangs and give them the help that they need. 

“I hope that people feel reassured by our actions today and will continue to come forward with information about drug dealing and other related criminality in their local communities in order for us to continue to take action.” 

Anyone who has any information about drug dealing or criminality in their area can DM @MerPolCC or @CrimestoppersUK anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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