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Pumpkin farm staff ‘spat at’ by visitors after it had to close

Pumpkin farm staff ‘spat at’ by visitors after it had to close

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

STAFF at a popular ‘pick your own’ pumpkin patch in Ormskirk were “spat at, verbally abused, and squared up to” by angry customers after it was forced to close due to people parking dangerously on the nearby main road.

Pumpkin Alley, off Delf Lane, closed at around 2pm on Sunday, October 25 after the car park became full and visitors “ignored attendants” and started leaving their vehicles on the busy road.

Staff at the facility thought it was too dangerous for pedestrians, especially children, after more and more people chose to park on the road, so they called a halt on the day and shut down the patch.

They say this led to an angry response from some visitors with some staff being verbally abused.

A statement from The Pumpkin Alley on Sunday read: “We are saddened by the abuse that our staff faced. We have been spat at, verbally abused, and squared up to.

“We closed the patch today because people were ignoring our car park attendants instructions and were parking dangerously along a bendy, main road.

“Not only endangering themselves and their children, but other road users. Our second patch also faced similar problems. We understand children are disappointed when they can’t pick pumpkins, and our aim is not to disappoint children.

“We do however, aim to keep your children safe, and if that means closing our patch and losing money then that's what has to happen. Safety before profits, always.

“We know some people still pulled up and tried to come on, but closed signs were up and people were told.

“Don’t worry about what other people do, if you did the right thing and left when asked then we appreciate that very much.”

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