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Surfin’ Southport?

Surfin’ Southport?

by Danielle Thompson (October 2020)

SEFTON Council has revealed details of a ‘world class water attraction’ it hopes will be built at Princes Park, Southport.

The council has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Go Surf to create Southport Cove Resort - an all year-round attraction with an exciting surf wave pool at its heart.

The scheme is at an early stage and no timeframe has been put on when such a scheme could arrive but if it does come to fruition it will be situated on the seafront  on the land between Ocean Plaza and Pleasureland.

The  project - a private sector development on a Sefton Council-owned site -  will also include water-based wellness and spa facilities, 4-star accommodation, casual dining and indoor leisure facilities.

A stunning 250m long beach coupled with a 360-degree boardwalk and planted gardens are among the other ideas being mooted. In a press release issued by the council, the scheme is described as ‘using the next generation of surf pool technology’ which will make waves that can reach over two meters for accomplished surfers, to just 0.5 meters for those who prefer ‘fun’ waves.

Creating up to 120 new jobs and bringing more than £20 million per annum to the local economy with an expected 150,000 client visits a year, Southport Cove, say the council, will complement the other exciting opportunities emerging in the town, as part of the Southport Town Deal and beyond.

The founders of Go Surf said: “Southport’s location and existing facilities lend themselves perfectly to the town becoming a true haven for water sports.

“We’re taking a world class surf pool and building a resort around it that’s far more than just a place for catching waves, something that all visitors and members can enjoy on any given day of the year.

“Our aim is to create a perfect environment where people meet with friends and family, be it to lounge on the beach or in the gardens, catch some waves, relax in the spa, or just grab a coffee and a bite to eat.

“It’s a real privilege to have this opportunity to do something great for our hometown.”

The Champion pressed the council for more information on ‘Go Surf’ but a spokesperson said ‘this was confidential at this time due to commercial sensitivities’.

Southport ward councillor John Pugh contacted the Champion to say: “It’s great that people want to invest in the town and this seems a very exciting prospect but my information is that the project is at a very early stage. There are obvious challenges for a fledgling company retro-fitting an Edwardian boating lake with 21st century wave technology.

“The council has got to be careful not to over-promise and under-deliver. If every scheme previously floated in the press had come to fruition, our coastline would even now be looking like Las Vegas in boom time.”

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