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Rufford man who narrowly escaped death releases motivational self-help memoir

Rufford man who narrowly escaped death releases motivational self-help memoir

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

A RUFFORD man who narrowly escaped death has released a motivational self-help memoir.

Father of two Richard Dixon, 56, has released his debut book Dying for Success which is available now on Amazon, as a Kindle eBook and is soon to be turned into an audiobook.

He said: “The book tells my turbulent life story, detailing every up and down I have experienced including a remarkable encounter with death. My life reads like a heart attack having experienced fabulous peaks and life changing troughs.

“Just when you think nothing more can go wrong…. In 1999, I died, aged 34.

"I had been diagnosed by my doctor as having an appendicitis and she sent me to the hospital literally for the operation. They said it wasn’t the appendix and sent me home. 

“Three months later I collapsed and was rushed into hospital. The appendix had gone gangrenous, burst and poisoned my system. I had peritonitis, toxic shock, sepsis and total organ failure causing me to die. After revival I spent time in intensive care on life support. I had pneumonia and also needed kidney dialysis.

“From here it soon became apparent I had a permanent disability with Femoral Palsy to my left leg leaving me unable to walk again. I was discharged after weeks in hospital on this basis with no diagnosis regarding how the disability had occurred. I then had to rebuild my life!" 

“Few people in the world who have actually died can describe the experience. I was of course revived but told I would never walk again due to a life changing disability caused whilst in hospital.

“Could life get any worse? Yes it could and it did! How did I come back from this to become a successful entrepreneur and positivity coach helping people through difficult times? In my roller-coaster story, I show determination, motivation and resilience. 

“These are all values that are proving particularly useful this year. During these unprecedented times, that are difficult for so many of us, I have been offering resilience training; coaching people through the pandemic with practical advice taken from my own experiential learning.”

To find out more, go to dyingforsuccess.com

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