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Dodger the unwanted dog finally finds a new home!

Dodger the unwanted dog finally finds a new home!

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

A dog who was nearly put down by his owner five years ago because he was unwanted has now found a new home, thanks to Freshfields Animal Rescue.


Dodger, an 8-year-old Lurcher, was brought to Freshfields in 2016 after his previous owner asked a vet to put him to sleep because he was no longer wanted.


Thankfully, staff at the centre have now found a loving home for Dodger with a new owner in Manchester,


A Freshfields spokesperson said: “We’ve been searching for a home for him for four years. He had been brought to us because his owner took him to the vet in 2016 and asked for him to be put to sleep because he wasn’t wanted any more. It was heartbreaking. Thankfully he’s now enjoying a warm fire and home comforts!”

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