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Micropub owner wants to find missing defib

Micropub owner wants to find missing defib

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

The owner of a micropub in Crosby wants to find a defibrillator which has been missing from outside his premises since mid-December.

The potentially life-saving piece of medical equipment was placed at The Cornerpost Micropub, on Bridge Road, three years ago for the use of the community in case of an emergency.

However, it was taken on December 16th and never returned.

To access most public defibs, a code must be entered which is usually supplied by an emergency services call handler. This is done to prevent it from being stolen.

But when enquiries were made by Cornerpost owner Geoff Smeaton, he was told by emergency services that they had no record of it being used.

Geoff said: “I have checked with the ambulance service, where the defib is registered, and they have no record of it being used in an emergency or by anyone authorised.

“I have put a message on social media but to no avail. We need it to be returned so it is available for the community once more.

“The cabinet is opened with a code, usually given by 999 service.

“However, they have  not issued it recently so someone must have known the code as did not go through 999. The cabinet has not been forced open.”

If you have any information, contact The Cornerpost Micropub.

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