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Charity goes virtual to offer fun activities for children

Charity goes virtual to offer fun activities for children

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

Rainbow Hub’s children are enjoying an energetic start to their weekends with the new fun and fitness virtual sessions introduced by trained instructor, Rachel Holland.

The Mawdesley based charity, had to close its building again to ensure the safety of the vulnerable children who use their services but they have returned to virtual sessions and advice for parents so that the childrencan maintain some of the therapies at home that make such a difference to their lives by keeping movement going.

The Saturday morning sessions are around 30 minutes and involve upper and lower body movements dancing to pop tunes to cater for all.

Rachel Nolan from Ormskirk said, “My daughter Amelia absolutely loved it.”

Jo Ashcroft and Rachel Holland also run the virtual conductive education therapy sessions through online videos, one to one and group events.

The charity is also continuing with their virtual communication group which was started last year. Shelley Cuff uses stories and song to encourage participation by the children. This helps them with communication skills enabling them to start to form words and do things that most of us take for granted.

Joanne Ashcroft, Head of Conductive Education services, Rainbow Hub, said, “The past ten months have had a huge impact on the children who use our services which isn’t good for their physical or mental health.

“We are doing all we can support them and their families through this difficult time and are delighted with the response to our virtual services. The children have been amazing and work so hard.” 

Rainbow Hub have always recognised how important it is to support the whole family, not just the children, and have introduced a Virtual Family Social Chat organised by Sonia Harris so that they do not feel isolated.

These take place on Monday mornings when Sonia arranges fun quizzes and gives the parents, who can be very isolated due to the pandemic, the chance to have a chat and a laugh.

Lyndsay Fahey, Chief Executive at Rainbow Hub, said “It is so important that we continue to deliver these online sessions. The needs of the children and young people we support have not gone away because we are in lockdown. We just hope that the vaccination programme and other measures will mean the restrictions will ease soon - we can’t wait to see everyone back. In the meantime we thank everyone who continues to support us in so many ways.”

If anyone would like to get more information about the work of Rainbow Hub or would like to support them the web site is https://www.rainbowhubnw.org or we can be found on Facebook, Twitter @rainbowhubnw or Instagram.

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