MP hits out at Sefton Council for failing to respond to her letter

MP hits out at Sefton Council for failing to respond to her letter

by Henry James (April 2021)

Neighbouring Sefton Council has been criticised by West Lancs MP Rosie Cooper who has expressed frustration at the “unresponsiveness” of the authority to her correspondence. 

In this case, she says, Sefton Council have not responded – despite numerous attempts to secure a response – to a letter of December 16, 2020.

The MP commented: “In my capacity as West Lancashire MP I very often have cause to contact neighbouring councils like Sefton on behalf of my constituents.

“In this case, in December last year I wrote to the Chief Executive of Sefton Council regarding the interment of ashes at Southport Crematorium, on behalf of a constituent who had lost her husband.

“I am very concerned that ?neither the Chief Executive of Sefton Council, nor any of his staff, have acknowledged or responded to my letter of December 16, or my follow-up letter of March 12.

“To ably serve my constituents, I must be able to reliably secure responses from the agencies they ask me to contact.

“I hope that this press release helps me to secure a response and that no such public measure is necessary in future instances.”?

Sefton Council stated that during the pre-election period they can’t provide comments on political stories.

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