Fancy a chat? says Chatty Man Alan Carr!

Fancy a chat? says Chatty Man Alan Carr!

by Tom Martin (April 2021)

PRESENTER and  comedian Alan Carr was spotted on Crosby beach – and he even shared a few laughs with the Iron Men!

The 44-year-old entertainer and host of Channel 4’s Chatty Man, posted images on his Instagram page showing his recent day out on the beach.

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He said he had some time off from working on his new ITV show Strike it Lucky, so decided to travel to Crosby to enjoy the local sights.

Alan posted online: “Had half a day off so went to Crosby beach - it was just what the doctor ordered! A bit of sea air, a long walk and then a pasty.

“And for those asking, yes I did see the Iron Men on the beach. There was something eerie about them, admittedly slightly spoilt by someone sticking a football top on one of them! But glad I saw them plus the sun coming out - bonus!”

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