Dispersal notices issued to youths caught trespassing by dangerous quarry

Dispersal notices issued to youths caught trespassing by dangerous quarry

by Henry James (June 2021)

A LARGE number of dispersal notices were issued by police over the weekend to youths who they caught trespassing by the dangerous east quarry in Appley Bridge.

Police have also reported one of their vehicles was damaged at the location where there have been fatalities in the past.

On Saturday, a dispersal order had been put in place due to the number of people attending the quarry, and putting themselves at “serious risk and causing antisocial behaviour for local residents.”

Last night police released a picture and the following statement on social media: “If anyone's teenagers have returned home without their belongings today, this pile is what we have found or seized from people breaching the dispersal notice at Appley Bridge.

“If you would like to attend Ormskirk Police Station to collect their property, ask for the on duty Neighbourhood supervisor, we will just need proof of ID and a discussion with your child about the damage caused to the Police car.

“During today’s shift we have issued a large number of dispersal notices, several parking tickets for people parking illegally around the quarry and searched numerous people under the misuse of drugs act.”

Police put the dispersal order in place on Saturday and commented: “Due to the number of people attending the quarry in Appley Bridge, putting themselves at serious risk and causing antisocial behaviour for local residents, a dispersal order has been authorised by Inspector Clough.

“This will be in place each day over the weekend and gives Police the power to instruct people to leave the area and also confiscate anything they believe could be used to cause antisocial behaviour. We will be working in conjunction with British Transport Police and Lancashire Fire and Rescue.”

The West Lancs Policing Teams had issued another statement earlier in the week warning of the dangers of east quarry: “The risk of drowning in quarry water is much higher than other waters due to the extreme temperature changes, unsafe platforms within the water and even the bacteria within there as well!

“Appley Bridge Quarry is now a working quarry again, meaning there will be increased activity to facilitate pumping the water away ready for construction purposes. It is now even more dangerous to be in the area without a legitimate purpose.

“I urge the public to continue reporting incidents within the area where we will take appropriate action with those involved.”

Gill Lea wrote on social media: “The Government has advised restrictions for travelling for Greater Manchester and Lancashire to restrict unnecessary travel. I would assume this could be extended to people from outside these areas coming into our local neighbourhood? (Appley Bridge).

“We have been inundated with teenagers travelling to our area to use the local quarry.”

In 2015, Miracle Godson, 13, who was expected to become a future rugby league star, died after getting into difficulty at the Appley Bridge quarry. Craig Croston, 17, also drowned at the site in 1999.

The government has run a campaign ‘Quarry water is a stone cold killer. Stay out, stay alive’. It was developed following an extensive audit of disused quarries by the district councils, which helped identify the highest risk sites and the features within each site which makes them so dangerous.

The government has stated that the risks at quarries, “relate not only to the cold water, but to hazards including submerged machinery which may not be visible from the surface, rubbish and industrial pollution which can cause skin and eye irritations, rashes and infections.”

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