The Honorary Freedom of Thornton given to hardworking Reverend

The Honorary Freedom of Thornton given to hardworking Reverend

by Danielle Thompson (June 2021)

MEMBERS of Thornton Parish Council were joined by the Mayor of Sefton in conferring the Vicar of All Saints with Saint Frideswyde Church Rev. Canon Kath Rogers with the Honorary Freedom of Thornton at her last service  in recognition of her valued and outstanding service to the community.

The service on June 20,  marking Kath’s retirement, was held in the open air beside the church’s recently-opened Orchard. The Mayor of Sefton, Clare Carragher, who, as a ward Councillor, has known Rev Canon Rogers for a number of years, praised Kath for her hard work and commitment to the community.

Thornton Parish Council’s Vice Chair James O’Keeffe then presented Rev Canon Rogers with a framed scroll which thanked her for her “valuable and eminent services to the community of Thornton for many years.”

The Freedom of the Parish, the highest honour the Parish Council can give, was bestowed by Thornton as a mark of respect and thanks for the vicar’s service to the community over the last ten years.

During her time at the church, Kath has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people across the community, caring for others as well as important work including Citizen’s advice, raising awareness of modern slavery and focusing on tackling climate change. The church was given a silver Eco church award last year by environmental organisation A Rocha UK in recognition of its environmental work.

All Saints with St Frideswyde Church has grown as a welcoming space for people of all ages including a range of activities for children and developing a dementia-friendly Church. The church’s Hub has become a haven for the community.

Councillor O’Keeffe said: “Kath’s tireless work and commitment to Thornton, and the rest of her Parish, is well-known but the Parish Council felt, on her retirement, there would be no better time to express our thanks and our admiration of all of her efforts. Her hard work and dedication continued in even the most trying of times during these last 16 months. Kath will be greatly missed but we wish her all the best for her retirement.”

Rev Canon Kath Rogers said that it was “such an honour” receiving the Freedom, “it was completely unexpected but lovely that the churches are seen as partners in working to benefit the local community.” On her retirement she said: “It has been such a privilege to be part of this but the time has come to move on.”

Under the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 parish and town councils were given the ability to confer the honour of Honorary freedom on to an individual. This is only the second occasion that Thornton Parish Council has granted this honour to anyone.

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