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Athletes compete in Strongman By The Sea contest

Athletes compete in Strongman By The Sea contest

by Danielle Thompson (September 2021)

COMPETITORS from around the UK travelled to Southport at the weekend as they fought it out in the Strongman By The Sea contest.

Southport’s Strongest Novice & Inters strongman competition took place on Sunday, September 5 at CTC Fitness on Kensington Industrial Estate on Hall Street.

A total of 31 athletes from around the country arrived at the venue before battling it out across five different gruelling events. Challenges included pulling a truck, lifting a car and picking up huge boulders.

Event organiser Stuart Scott said: “This was a superb day of competing with all athletes giving it their all to try and get on the podium. There were amazing displays of strength from all athletes and the spirit of the day, both between athletes and spectators, was high! There were a couple of hundred spectators during the day, all adding to the amazing atmosphere.

“We had some amazing local business sponsors on board which helped make the event a success.”

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