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High-tech cameras to be installed at accident blackspots

High-tech cameras to be installed at accident blackspots

by Tom Martin (September 2021)

ACCIDENT ‘ blackspots’ in Ormskirk will get soon get dual purpose cameras to stop motorists jumping red lights and speeding in a move being hailed by safety campaigners.

The busy junctions on County Road at the Fiveways and Hayfield Road have previously been described as ‘dangerous’ by local councillors, residents and other vehicle users.

The Champion has published several stories about accidents at the junctions, including when MP Rosie Cooper said that “for too long we have witnessed crash after crash, injuries and lives lost at junctions on County Road.”

Lancashire County Council has now confirmed that it is currently working with police on the final stages of installing the cameras.

They will be able to detect both both red light jumping and speeding in what will be a first for this technology in Lancashire. 

The junctions have a long history of serious accidents and red light jumping has been a significant factor.

The news was confirmed in an email to local councillors from Lancashire County Council.

It has been hailed by local Our West Lancashire councillors Jane Thompson and Kate Mitchell, who have long campaigned for cameras at the junctions. Cllr Thompson said: “We started a petition back in 2018, and then had a residents’ meeting in the Hayfield pub with county council officers and the County Councillor for Highways.

“We then had to wait for government approval for this new type of camera. At last, it appears we are moving forwards.”

Cllr Mitchell added: “It was March 2019 when we hosted a packed meeting at the Hayfield.

“It has been a long haul with many delays but at last residents and commuters alike can look forward to safer travel at these two notorious junctions.”

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