Show is a ‘deep and often disturbing piece of theatre’ but full of great one-liners

Show is a ‘deep and often disturbing piece of theatre’ but full of great one-liners

by Peter Rimmer (September 2021)

Our Lady of Blundellsands.

Everyman Theatre Liverpool.

AFTER a false start due to the closure of the Everyman for nearly 18 months, Our Lady of Blundellsands, has at last been able to restart its run.

The new play by well-known writer Jonathan Harvey is set overlooking the sea in Blundellsands where deluded ex TV actress Sylvie is living a life full of sorrow, delusion and pain waiting for her comeback.

It’s not going to happen, she was in one episode of Z-Cars when she was 18 and has done nothing since apart from finding herself in a mental home followed by a life of seclusion at home with older sister Garnet.

So, on the face of it this is not going to be a bundle of laughs, but the performance by leading actress Josie Lawrence turns from pathos and comedy to out and out farce making this play an interesting night out.

It’s not just Sylvie who has problems, her son Mickey-Joe is a drag queen while his brother Lee Lee (yes two words) is involved in drug dealing and sister Garnet is dying.

The script is multi layered and a whole host of skeletons are to come creeping out of the family cupboard.

So it’s not an easy play to watch, as it’s neither a thriller, comedy, mystery nor drama. It’s all those put together making it a deep and often disturbing piece of theatre but full of great one-liners to keep us laughing even at the most harrowing times.

Josie Lawrence along with Joanne Howarth, Gemma Brodrick, Nathan McMullen, Nana Amoo-Gottfried and Mickey Jones do a good job in keeping the action going at a fast moving pace.

The play was commissioned by the Everyman and it’s of course set in Merseyside with many references to local landmarks, so it’s not a piece that will travel easily to other venues.

If you fancy a different night out that will have you leaving the theatre in a thoughtful mood. Give this one a go.


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