Residents share ‘loud and clear’ traffic concerns

Residents share ‘loud and clear’ traffic concerns

by Henry James (October 2021)

RESIDENTS from Windsor Park Road and surrounding roads in Aintree along with Molyneux Ward Councillor Marion Atkinson met this weekend to send a strong message to National Highways about traffic concerns.

The message was ‘loud and clear’ from them: “We need investment from you, please don’t let us down.”

Residents Betty Williams and Lisa Baines raised concerns with Cllr Atkinson after lockdown eased and the traffic increased on the M57 at the rear of their homes. With the increase in traffic came a noticeable increase in noise.

Meetings have been held with representatives from National Highways to increase the area named as a Noise Improvement Area (NIA), which a small part of Windsor Road is currently listed as. This is expected to improve the chances of funding for resurfacing of the motorway and installation of an acoustic fence.

Councillor Marion Atkinson said: “We have been really clear with National Highways that the situation for residents simply can’t carry on.

“The noise levels before were not great however an increase in traffic with lockdown easing, increase in port traffic now and future trajectory of more lorries that are planned mean this work needs to be given priority.

“With a name change from Highways England to National Highways costing between £3million and a budget of £26billion we aren’t asking for much.”

Betty Williams co-organiser of the campaign said: “We have worked hard to make sure National Highways understand and have had first-hand experience of the concerns we have raised.

“To date we have met three times with National Highways and would like to see some firm dates for 2021/2022 when the work will begin.”

Rob Heywood, National Highways’ route manager for the M57, said:  “National Highways is committed to minimising the impact of the strategic network on those who live alongside side it.

“Our investigations suggest traffic levels along this section of the M57 have increased slightly recently and, working with residents, we are actively investigating potential solutions to their concerns, such as lower noise surfacing along the motorway. 

“We will keep residents appraised of any progress or developments.”

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