Blunder over green bins leaves residents fuming

Blunder over green bins leaves residents fuming

by Tom Martin (December 2021)

RESIDENTS were “livid” when their last green bin collection of the year didn’t go ahead - because the council changed the date and didn’t tell them!

The blunder - in Birkdale - left locals seething as the council had  only given notification of the change on its website and social media.

Collection calendars provided to residents by Sefton Council showed November 30 as the last collection date, but council wagons rolled up on November 22!

One resident who contacted the Champion said: “This isn’t good enough. I’m absolutely livid. I’ve now got a green bin full of waste with no collection date for months.”

Dukes Ward Councillor  Mike Prendergast said: “ The failure to properly inform residents has caused a lot of people to end up with a green wheelie bin full of garden waste that they are now going to have to deal with themselves or keep until the service resumes next year.

“All that needed to happen was for a sticker to be put on the green wheelie bins when they were collected earlier in the year to let residents know of the slightly unusual final collection date.

“You can’t seriously expect local residents to regularly check Sefton Council’s website for these kind of notices. I would hope that Sefton Council now take some action to help local residents get rid of their garden waste.” Fellow Dukes Ward Cllr John Pugh, said: “None of us are sad enough to regularly check changes on Sefton’s website and not everyone knows how to. The council have blundered. This is the one council service absolutely everyone relies.

“The council should apologise and book another date, taking the obvious step of letting us know this time.”

A spokesperson for Sefton Council said:  “Due to unavoidable operational pressures, the decision was taken to move the last green bin collection to the week earlier than previously anticipated.  This change was posted on our website and social media channels in the month leading up to the change and we would encourage residents to follow our channels and pass the message on when these unexpected changes are communicated.

“Any excess green waste can be taken to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre or composted at home.

“For those residents who missed the final collection date, local authority cleansing teams will be attempting to revisit some areas where outstanding green bins have been left out for collection.”

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