Mum who nearly died in swine flu horror loses 17 stone after being inspired by son

Mum who nearly died in swine flu horror loses 17 stone after being inspired by son

by Danielle Thompson (January 2022)

AN INSPIRING Southport mum has revealed how she lost an incredible 17 stone in weight - transforming her life to become “the mum I’ve always wanted to be.”

Laura Cain, 33, who has lost a staggering 241 pounds - and counting! - feared she might not have long left to live after her weight shot up to 30 stone after a series of traumatic experiences. They included contracting swine flu - which saw her placed on life support - as well as succumbing to meningitis and suffering with brittle asthma and fibromyalgia.

The former hairdresser’s gruelling health battles and growing weight left her so poorly she was unable to take her son, Domanic, now nine, to school, as she struggled to leave her house and felt trapped.

Today, 5ft 6ins Laura has turned her life around in dramatic fashion, after her son encouraged her to sign up for Slimming World. She joined Slimming World Southport, led by Dee Wright, and has been spurred on by the constant support of Dee and the fellow members in her group.

Laura has dropped to 12st 10lbs and was recently voted as this year’s ‘Miss Slinky’ by members of the group.

She said: “My life has changed so much mentally and physically but most of all I can now be the mum I’ve always wanted to be to my son, Dom. I can take him to fun places, and I can walk with him to his school, Marshside Primary. My health still isn't 100%. I still suffer with brittle asthma and fibromyalgia but at least I am not a ticking time bomb at 30 stone.

“Domanic was nine years old in November. He’s amazing. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

“My auntie unexpectedly passed away recently. When I went to see all my family, I told my uncle that my award was for Auntie Sue.”

The proud mum developed swine flu 11 years ago and was placed on a life support machine in a desperate bid to survive. She was so ill afterwards, she had to learn how to walk again.

Three years later, in 2012, Laura contracted meningitis after giving birth to Domanic.

While fighting back from those traumatic episodes, brave Laura also had to contend with living with brittle asthma, diagnosed in 2008, and fibromyalgia, and also developed a huge hernia.

Laura, who went to school at Stanley High School in Southport, changed her diet completely.

She used to eat lots of takeaways and enjoyed eating out, and indulged too much in things like bread, barm cakes, butter, and chocolate alongside her cups of tea.

Now she enjoys grape nuts or Weetabix for breakfast with yoghurt or semi-skimmed milk; tuna with salad or jacket potato for lunch; and then Slimming World curry or chilli for dinner.

Doctors have played a huge part in supporting Laura on her journey. A gastric sleeve operation three years ago really helped her, and her determination has seen her eating ‘on plan’ with Slimming World ever since. This year she finally went in for her long-awaited hernia operation.

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