Kat’s family launch a campaign in her memory

Kat’s family launch a campaign in her memory

by Danielle Thompson (January 2022)

THE family of Southport mum who passed away after a very short cancer battle have launched an online petition in the first stage of their campaign to have the age for screening tests lowered.

The Champion revealed last week that mum of three Kathryn Norman had passed away on Boxing Day aged just 33 after tragically spending her last Christmas Day in Southport Hospital, leaving behind husband Mark and her children Max, 11, Emily, eight, and Charlotte, four.

Since her tragic death, her loved ones have been calling for mammograms to be undertaken at 30 years of age rather than the current age of 50 and up. They have been sharing posts on their campaign with the hashtag #mammogramsat30 on social media.

Kat - as she was known - was a senior care assistant at The Hollies rest home on Mornington Road in Southport, had complained of pain in her side at the end of November before a GP referred her to A&E on November 24. She was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and a blood clot on December 20 and passed away just days later.

He sister in law Christina McLaughlin has set up a petition at change.org - #mammogramsat30 Bring down the Breast Cancer screening age from 50 to 30 – which has already been signed by more than 1,500 people online.

She said: “Currently the routine testing age for a mammogram to screen for breast cancer is 50-plus, why?

“My sister-in-law Kathryn Norman was just 33 when, on December 26, we lost her. This has left everyone that knew her heartbroken and devastated. Kathryn was an amazing, beautiful, happy and fun loving person with the world at her feet. Three beautiful young children with her husband and now, they have been left without her and with no understanding of how it got to this. She loved family and friends and in return was loved by so, so many.

“How long she had this we have no idea, until the pain in her side, no signs no symptoms, no lump. How could Kathryn be so ill yet so well. How many other women are having to deal with this when it could be found earlier? We can change this, we together can push this to be questioned and together save lives and make screening and treatment more readily available for younger women.

“Why aren’t mammograms available earlier? One in 204 women in their 30s are diagnosed with later stages of breast cancer. Screening 1,000 women could save five lives. This could save five families from the heart ache, confusion and devastation our family is going through. Save young children from losing their mummy or having to see them go through intense treatment. Save parents losing their children before their time. If this had been available now, Kathryn could have still been here today. Screening earlier can save lives.”

To find out more, go to https://is.gd/jKNHyw

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