Man from Aughton is one of UK’s most wanted fugitives hiding in Spain

Man from Aughton is one of UK’s most wanted fugitives hiding in Spain

by Henry James (January 2022)

A MAN from Aughton is among 12 of the UK’s most wanted fugitives believed to be hiding in Spain.

John James Jones and a co-accused are alleged to have stabbed two people multiple times on April 28, 2018 leaving them seriously injured.

It is believed Jones, 31, fled the UK immediately after the incident.

There is information to show he stayed at a hotel in Madrid the night after the stabbings but left rapidly the next morning.

His last known address is Ennerdale Drive, Aughton.

He is thought to be in Ibiza, or mainland Spain.

The National Crime Agency’s Most Wanted campaign is run in conjunction with independent charity CrimeStoppers, Spanish law enforcement, UK policing and comes on the back of the extremely successful Operation Captura fugitives campaign, which resulted in the arrests of 86 offenders.

Spain is one of the most popular countries for British  ex-pats and the two nations have a very strong law enforcement partnership.

Steve Rodhouse the NCA’s director general of operations was joined by the Spanish Security Minister Rafael Pérez Ruiz, British Ambassador Hugh Elliot and CrimeStoppers chief Mark Hallas, at the campaign launch in Madrid.

Mr Rodhouse said: “Spain is not a safe haven.

“We have a brilliant relationship with the country’s various law enforcement agencies and work together daily to protect the public.

“With 86 offenders arrested in our last fugitives campaign, criminals know we will never give up and we’re never far behind them.

“Our Spanish partners were crucial to many of those arrests, and in 2021 arrested and returned more than 25 wanted UK fugitives.

“The NCA’s International Crime Bureau and International Liaison Officers work on behalf of UK policing to exchange information and intelligence with partners abroad leading to the tracing and arrests of criminals globally.

“Fugitives usually continue offending while on the run and these men will be known in criminal circles wherever they are.

“The last thing the fugitives’ associates will want is the combined determination and capabilities of the UK and Spanish law enforcement focusing on them.

“Many of these fugitives will be trying to blend in to the large British communities who have made their homes in Spain, and if you are resident, you may know one of them from your town or village.

“Loyalties change over time and we urge anyone with information about these men to help us find them.”

All the men featured on the campaign are believed to have links to mainland Spain and the Canary Islands.

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