Residents forced to bring own water to tend flowers at graves

Residents forced to bring own water to tend flowers at graves

by Henry James (May 2022)

RESIDENTS visiting the resting place of relatives at Ormskirk Parish Church have been forced to bring their own water to tend to flowers at the graves - after a standpipe at the site stopped working.

It has been feared the elderly and disabled are having to carry their own water to the Church Street location. A spokesman for the Parish Church has apologised for the problem and added they are working on possible solutions.

Graham Gilbert, of Grunshaw Lane, Ormskirk has been visiting relatives’ graves at the graveyard for 14 years.

He said: “The first time I realised the standpipe wasn’t working I had to go to Morrisons to buy bottled water for flowers at the grave of my relatives. However, I am more concerned for other people, particularly for the elderly and disabled and anyone without a car who may have to carry water by foot. I think it is a step too far to ask the elderly and disabled to take their own water to the churchyard. My heart goes out to them.

“The standpipe at the graveyard at Ormskirk Parish Church has been working for generations, although it has not been working this year. The tap on the standpipe also appears to be broken. I have told the church wardens are aware of the problem and cannot identify the source of the water. Does anyone know the source of the water to the standpipe? This has inconvenienced people who may be struggling with grief

“The church should have a collection to reconnect the water to the standpipe, and get the tap fixed. I have spoken to other people, and they are concerned about this. Hopefully, a solution will be able to be found.”

A spokesperson for the parish church responded: “We are aware that the tap which many used to help tend their loved ones graves has broken.

“We have already started investigating the source and possible solutions. However because the tap may have been in place since the 1940s we believe that this may be a complicated matter to resolve and one of the first things we are looking at is where the water came. So, at the moment, we would ask everyone to help us out by bringing their own water supply.

“We appreciate that this is not ideal and are sorry for any difficulties this presents.

“We fully understand how important keeping a tidy graveyard to honour all those who love and have lost. We hope that everyone will be patient and help each other as together we work out how best to supply water to the graveyard in a sustainable way for the future.”

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