Emergency budget call by MP over cost of living crisis

Emergency budget call by MP over cost of living crisis

by Henry James (May 2022)

MP Rosie Cooper has called on the government to act over the spiralling cost of living crisis with an emergency budget, as figures show the impact of soaring petrol prices on families in West Lancashire.

New analysis has revealed that families in West Lancashire and across the country will fork out an extra £10billion on petrol, compared to this time last year.

The figures come as oil and gas producers, including Shell and BP, took in billions in soaring profits.

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak made a fuel duty cut the centrepiece of his plan to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, but Labour has said that cut has been “swallowed up by the soaring cost over the year.”

MP Cooper and Labour has reiterated its call on the government to bring forward an emergency budget to tackle the cost of living crisis.

West Lancashire MP Cooper said: “This is a savage extra cost for working people in West Lancashire, who are already contacting me for support, while struggling with rising household bills.

“The Conservative government needs to set out an emergency budget to tackle its cost-of-living crisis – and support Labour’s call to put money back in the pockets of working people.

“Labour’s plan would help households through this crisis with up to £600 cut from energy bills, funded by a one-off windfall tax on the booming profits of oil and gas producers.

“We would turbocharge our transition to clean transport so never again are the British people left so exposed to unstable foreign oil.”

A Government spokesperson said: “We understand that people are struggling with rising prices, and while we can’t shield everyone from the global challenges we face, we're supporting British families to navigate the months ahead with a £22 billion package of support.

“That includes saving the typical employee over £330 a year through a tax cut in July, allowing people on the Universal Credit taper rate to help people keep more of the money they earn – benefiting over a million families by around £1000 a year, and providing millions of households with up to £350 each to help with rising energy bills”

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