Inspiration School of Dance’s first production is a success

Inspiration School of Dance’s first production is a success

by Grace Morrison (May 2022)

EARLY May bank holiday weekend saw Inspiration School of Dance make their debut musical performance with Matilda Jr.

The musical adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic has been an intense six months in the making, with a cast of 24 rehearsing once a week at Ormskirk High School.

The cast, ranging from ages 5 to 15 went into this process having never performed a musical as a company before. They did this alongside creative team Grace Morrison and Naomi Athay.

The two Musical Theatre 2020 Graduates also shared the experience of debuting this performance as first time directors.

The cast spent months on workshops, uncovering new acting skills, singing techniques and dance styles. They worked on improvisation and character development. It was a detailed process full of intent, learning something new every minute; both cast and creatives.

The musical, adapted by Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin, opens the mind of bookworm Matilda Wormwood and her unruly class mates. Being ignored at home by self obsessed parents leads to witty payback moments, using peroxide and superglue as tools for revenge.

Headmistress Agatha Trunchbull is no different from parental ‘guardians’ at home and bullies the pupils relentlessly. This only results in a rebellion of revolting children.

It features catchy songs with choreography to blow the audience away. The use of acrobatics, contemporary, hip-hop and jazz projected the “endless talent” Inspiration has onto stage.

The production was supported by Mr Thompson’s Bakery in Ormskirk and a Bruce Bogtrotter chocolate cake was baked to spread the word of the performance.

A spokesperson for Inspiration School of Dance, said: “What a performance it was! Both nights were filled with energy and excitement from the audience and from behind the curtain. The cast didn’t disappoint, making families and most importantly, themselves proud. Harmonies were sung, lines delivered, all while getting an audience to listen to the iconic story.

“A big well done to the Matilda Jr cast, all of them are stars in the making. I’m sure there will be more performances to follow.”

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