We have momentum to oust Tory MP, claim local Lib Dems after by-election victory

We have momentum to oust Tory MP, claim local Lib Dems after by-election victory

by Tom Martin (June 2022)

lib dems in Sefton, buoyed by the party’s by-election victory in Tiverton, claim they now have the momentum to oust Southport Tory MP Damien Moore.

Last Thursday’s huge swing to the Lib Dems saw their candidate, Richard Foord, overturn a Conservative majority of more than 24,000 - despite it being a Tory seat for the last 99 years - to claim one of the biggest upsets in electoral history.

The Lib Dem’s Sefton group leader and former Southport MP, Cllr John Pugh, described the result in Deven as an “historic win” and claimed local Lib Dems believe they can remove the incumbent MP from office.

Cllr Pugh, who now represents the Dukes ward on Sefton Council, told the Champion: “Southport was a Lib Dem constituency for most of this century and can be so again - even if we get boundary changes.

“So long as Mr Moore is shackled to the current incompetent administration, he will not get enough support to retain his seat and even Conservative supporters now realise that.

“Experience has shown though that ordinary Southport folk from across the political spectrum, just like in Tiverton, are comfortable with the option of Lib Dem representation. That’s the message canvassers brought back. Conservatives do best and survive in times when voters are polarised and there is a stark choice between left and right and the sensible middle gets squeezed, as has happened recently.

“What is clear from all these results is that there is a huge and very simple demand from all sections of the community for basically decent, compassionate and competent government.”    

The Liberal Democrats came from third position in Tiverton to secure a 6,000 majority, with the constituency seeing a swing of almost 30%

In response, Southport MP Damien Moore, said: “The results in Tiverton and Honiton and in Wakefield are disappointing. Midterm by-elections are always very challenging for incumbent governments, especially after 12 years in office. However, my focus has never been on the voters of Devon and West Yorkshire, but rather on my constituents in Southport.

“This week I have met several Ministers to discuss increasing GP capacity and promoting business in Southport, spoken in the Chamber, scrutinised the trailblazing Online Safety Bill in Committee, met with Presfield High School, hosted over 50 Parliamentary colleagues at an event to raise awareness around water safety and, today alone, spent three hours helping my constituents at my weekly surgery and attending other various meetings across Southport.

“While John Pugh stays up watching by-election results at the other end of the country, I continue working hard for the people of Southport, and doing everything I can to support them.”

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