Councillor blasts town’s litter louts

Councillor blasts town’s litter louts

by Henry James (June 2022)

LITTER louts are blighting Skelmersdale by deliberately discarding their rubbish around town... and leaving it for the Council and local volunteers to pick it up!

That’s the view of Skelmersdale North Borough Councillor Neil Furey, who commented: “On the afternoon of Saturday, June 25, I attended Grimshaw Road subway and filled four bags of litter including a large amount of beer cans and bottles.

“The amount of litter in that subway and along the footpath was a disgrace and continues to blight our town.

“This Council and local litter picking volunteers have been making a great effort to keep our open spaces litter free and continue to show some pride in our town.

“The Council has also been providing new litter bins across the town and we have excellent refuse collection arrangements and a fleet of new refuse vehicles. Sadly, some people couldn’t care less and continue to drop litter at will and treat our local community, wildlife and local environment with utter contempt.

“I will continue to condemn those litter louts who damage our town and our local environment by blighting it with litter.”

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