Escape from Skem! Friends must reach Penzance in 24 hours - without funds or food!

Escape from Skem! Friends must reach Penzance in 24 hours - without funds or food!

by Henry James (June 2022)

THE manager of Skem Men-Aces disabled football club and his friend have organised a fundraiser, which will see them travel from Skelmersdale to Penzance, but they must do it in 24 hours and with no food, water, or money and they will both be using wheelchairs.

Carl Eaton, 59, and Peter Walsh, 60, have modelled their challenge on the movie Escape From New York, calling it Escape From Skem and will be wearing convict outfits.

They will start from Skelmersdale on Saturday, July 9 and will be raising money for Skem Men-Aces and Carousel Music and Movement CIC, which was set up in 2021. Carousel’s aim is to brighten lives through music and movement and to help people improve their health and wellbeing.

Peter, who works for Skem Express taxis and has been a friend  of Carl’s for 40 years, is not a wheelchair user but will using one in the challenge to raise awareness. DaVinci Mobility in Liverpool has provided him with a wheelchair for the fundraiser.

Carl wrote on Facebook: “We have no plan and will be relying on human kindness. We have already raised more than £2,000.

“The fundraiser is the story of two desperate fugitives who escape from Skelmersdale in a bid to reach the safety of Land’s End, Penzance. They need to get there in 24 hours, they have no food, water or money.

“It will be even more difficult for Peter, who is not a wheelchair user, but he wants to raise awareness of life as a disabled person and I sincerely thank him for that.

“All of the funds raised will go to support the Skem Men-Aces Disabled Football Club which I manage and this year we have decided to also support an incredible organisation called Carousel.

“Carousel’s sessions are mostly aimed at people feeling isolated, mental health conditions, the elderly and adults with learning needs. Their Ormskirk adults with learning needs meet every Friday afternoon, learning about music and having lots of fun and a monthly disco. Their Southport adults with learning needs have had to be put on hold from December because they need more funding to continue. Also there are a lot of other sessions they want to focus on such as a wheelchair users only dance group.

“They have always wanted to do this as they did a ‘pilot’ project and it was phenomenal. Their other aim is to set up a local health and wellbeing music group and carry on working with the elderly and mental health services.”

For more information, or to sponsor them, visit

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