Police take part in county-wide scheme to combat illegal motorcycles and riders

Police take part in county-wide scheme to combat illegal motorcycles and riders

by Henry James (June 2022)

POLICE will crackdown on illegal motorbikes that pose a “serious threat to public safety” in West Lancashire.

Officers in the borough are taking part in Operation Propulsion, which is a county-wide scheme set up to combat illegal motorcycles and riders.

Police want to make people aware of the laws about owning and riding motorcycles so that owners/riders can behave responsibly and people who are affected by motorcycle nuisance know how to report it and what they can do about it.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: “Op Propulsion cracks down on anti-social motor nuisance behaviour from riders who don’t have insurance, drive erratically off-road, and drive at considerable speed.

“Some of the motor vehicles that are involved in this anti-social behaviour are stolen, others are often purchased without owners knowing that they require public liability insurance to ride them.

“We are working closely with partners to combat the problem and have several powers that we can use, that can lead to seizing nuisance motorcycles and quad bikes.

“Help us help you report nuisance motorbikes and riders by reporting online at https://orlo.uk/O2Eyd calling 101 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

Police are advising people who are considering buying a motorcycle, quad bike or ‘go-ped’ for a child to ensure that whoever is selling it can provide proof of ownership and that it isn’t stolen.

The vehicle will require public liability insurance and police want to remind people that riding a motorcycle in public areas is an offence. If people are prosecuted they could be fined, receive penalty points, and disqualification.

Learners must complete the appropriate CBT course to allow them to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc. To ride anything higher than this a motorcycle test is required.

A motorcycle must have insurance to be in any public place, whether the motorcycle is being ridden, is parked, or is only being pushed.

A current MOT Certificate will be required for all motorcycles more than three years old. This is required whether the motorcycle is being ridden, parked or is being pushed on the highway.

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