Mum with cancer wants to brain scan campaign to Parliament

Mum with cancer wants to brain scan campaign to Parliament

by Tom Martin (June 2022)

A YOUNG mum from Crosby who wants to get brain scans included as part of regular check-ups for cancer patients is hoping to take her campaign to the House of Commons.

Katie Enell, 29, has started an online petition in the hope of reaching 100,000 backers, meaning the issue would have to be considered for a debate in Parliament.

The Champion reported last week how Katie was diagnosed last year with breast cancer that had spread to her liver and bones.

The restaurant manager responded well to treatment and she was given a huge boost two months ago when doctors told her that the cancer was stable.

However, after experiencing dry eyes, a stinging left eye and blurred vision, Katie said she had to “push” to get a brain scan, which revealed a tumour on her left frontal lobe.

Katie said as a stage 4 cancer patient, she is offered a scan every three months to monitor her cancer, but this does not include a brain scan.

She is now campaigning for this to change and wants all patients with stage 4 cancer to be offered full body scans.

Katie said: “The petition needs to get 100,000 signatures to be heard in the House of Commons. I’m just going to have to try to keep positive and hopefully little me will make a big change.”

To sign the petition, use the link:

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