by Danielle Thompson (July 2022)

AN appeal has been launched to raise funds to help The Civic venue in Ormskirk which is facing a financial crisis.

The former Ormskirk Civic Hall, which opened in 1899, is regarded as one of the town’s most treasured assets.

The venue, now called The Civic, faced closure in 2016 but the community rallied round to save it.

The Southport Road building is now run by a group known as ‘The Civvies’ has since become a hive of activity used by many community and sports groups.

But it has now faces an uncertain future again due to escalating costs and an appeal has been launched by ‘The Civvies’ who run the venue to raise funds to keep the popular facility open.

A spokesperson for ‘The Civvies’ said: “Six and a half years ago the community of Ormskirk nearly lost one of its most treasured assets.

“Ormskirk Civic Hall had been the heart of our community since 1899 and in 2016 the new directors brought our community together to save The Civic.

“Once again it became a hive of activity and an integral part of our town providing opportunities for the arts, sports, special events and much more.

“Then Covid hit and we were worried we might not make it through. But we did. We survived to tell the tale and were looking forward to a bright future.

“Little did we know that we were about to hit a second hurdle in the form of a financial crisis.

“We are acutely aware that this impacts every

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member of our community and as such events are being cancelled last minute, our costs are rising rapidly and if we don’t respond to this quickly then our future might not be as bright

“It now costs roughly £5,000 pe.r month to run the building, compared to £2,500 per month in 2016!

“So we are asking, once again, for your help.

“If any of our supporters are in a position to donate, whether it be a few pounds or more, you will be helping us to save this amazing community asset for the future generations. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The venue was originally built as a drill hall in 1899 but was regularly used as a venue for dances, concerts and theatrical performances. It was taken over by the council in 1960s to be used as a civic centre.

The Civvies say they want the venue to remain “a central part of Ormskirk's community.”

To donate to the appeal go to and search for ‘We are raising  £3,000  to  save The Civic.’

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