If a job needs doing...

If a job needs doing...

by Tom Martin (July 2022)

CONCERNS about the state of a pedestrian crossing on a busy Southport  road led to a local councillor taking direct action.

Canvassing in Meols ward, Councillor  Greg Myers heard residents complaining that a  tactile paving crossing outside their house had become overgrown with grass and was causing difficulties for those using it, especially the elderly and disabled.

Although representing Norwood ward, rather than just reporting the issue, he decided to get a spade and brush and tackle the work on Preston New Road himself!

Cllr Myers said: “I think the resident was a bit surprised when I asked to borrow a spade!

“It took a while but passers-by seemed very pleased with several commenting favourably as I was doing the work. The original household seemed very pleasantly surprised when I finished but also informed me that other crossings further along the road were bad as well.

“So I contacted council officers to ask they check those and if necessary clear them, and also reported a number of uneven paving flagstones in the area.”

“As it happens, I’d already arranged a group of volunteers to help me with a community skip in my ward. Unfortunately, the skip failed to turn up but instead of wasting the good intentions of the volunteer team, I asked if they’d help me clear the remaining crossings on Preston New Road instead?”

“They readily agreed along with my colleague, Cllr Sonya Kelly, and we both got stuck into clearing the crossing by Rathmore Crescent as the other volunteers tackled another one.

“I’m pleased to say that the three tactile crossings are now all free of obstruction.”

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