Pleasureland boss spending 'record levels of investment' to attract tourists

Pleasureland boss spending 'record levels of investment' to attract tourists

by Tom Martin (July 2022)

SOUTHPORT Pleasureland CEO Norman Wallis say he is spending “record levels of investment” on marketing in order to bring more visitors to not only the park, but also the town.

Mr Wallis wants to make Southport a hotspot for tourists in order to boost the resort’s economy.

To help achieve this goal, Pleasureland is carrying out “unprecedented marketing spend” across digital, outdoor and broadcast channels.

Mr Wallis said: “When Southport Pleasureland was home to the mega coaster ‘The Traumatizer’ the park was the second most visited amusement venue in the country, finishing above Alton Towers (Pleasureland 2.6m visitors, Alton Towers 2.45m *English Tourism Council Survey).

“The Traumatizer dominated. It was the ultimate accelerator for visitors and revenue – a phenomenon that benefited the town.”

Mr Wallis’ believes a new generation rides and immersive experiences will also attract big numbers.

He is also keen to incorporate an environmentally-friendly approach to building Pleasureland’s future.

He said: “We have to achieve balance as we develop. It’s more difficult to achieve net carbon zero for an established business, the easy wins are to ensure that businesses and attractions that are introduced to the tourism offering here have the desired credentials, and will be created in a sustainable way. Ours is a families’ business.

“We want people to come, enjoy themselves and be safe while they do so. We also want to make sure our business will play its part in keeping them, and their children, safe for years to come as we move to grow sustainably and protect the climate they’ll inherit.”

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