Cassie in appeal for funds to help pay for life-saving treatment in Israel

Cassie in appeal for funds to help pay for life-saving treatment in Israel

by Tom Martin (July 2022)

A radio presenter needs to raise £120,000 for potentially life-saving treatment in Israel after being told by doctors that she has just six months to live. 

Cassie James, who works for Mighty FM radio in Southport, has a rare form of skin cancer and Israel is a leader in the type of treatment she needs and the only place where it is available - but at a cost.

Friends have set up a fund raiser on the Just Giving website to support the 60-year-old mum-of-two

Cassie, said: “I had the shock-of-my-life phone call from a Clatterbridge consultant who told me I have six months to live.

“I have been told that I need specialist treatment in order for me to live longer. This treatment is only available in Israel, at a cost of £120,000. I am devastated, heartbroken and scared.

“The funding is for treatment they don’t do in this country. My amazing team at Clatterbridge have given me the information and recommendation for this treatment, but I just don’t have that kind of money.

“What makes this unusual is that this type of skin cancer is not caused by the sun. It is usually seen in Asian, black, Hispanic and Mediterranean skin types.

“Israel is a leader in the world for this type of treatment and has been recommended by the team looking after me at Clatterbridge.

Mighty FM station manager Paul Tasker, added: “Cassie has done lots of fundraising for community projects, helped find people accommodation, including international nurses throughout the pandemic. She will help anyone.

“I just want the community to now get behind Cassie James and help her raise funds for the treatment she needs to win this battle, before it’s too late.” 

To donate, visit the website:

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