Blaze fears after yobs set fire to fields near houses

Blaze fears after yobs set fire to fields near houses

by Henry James (August 2022)

RESIDENTS in Up Holland fear their houses could be set ablaze after yobs set fire to dry land at the back of their homes.

Photographs show a circle of flame on farm land off Mill Lane in the village on the evening of Tuesday, August 16 and this was just the latest of several such incidents.

One resident said: “Setting fire to fields right next to housing could cause a disaster.

“The fields are close to trees and fences at the back of houses.

“The people who did this are stupid and have a mindless mentality.

“They should be taken to task. Their actions could have destroyed houses - and someone could have been burnt.

“Words fail me. The fire spread by around 50 square metres.

“My neighbours are fuming. Some of them keep pets, which could have been caught up in the fire.

“The yobs tried to do something similar the week before, but ran off when the police came.”

A spokesperson for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they had attended a number of incidents in the area, this month.

The spokesperson said: “Setting fire to fields is dangerous no matter what time of day.

“During dry weather, the fires can spread quickly and catch people unaware and could injure them.

“It is dangerous to do something like this.

“It could also take firefighters away from other, potentially more serious, fires.”

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