Artist’s love of dogs helped her illustrate a children’s book

Artist’s love of dogs helped her illustrate a children’s book

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

AN artist from Waterloo has put her love of dogs to good use after she was asked to draw them in a new children’s book!

Mandy Lalley, who is a devoted dog owner,  says she can draw pictures of them “all day long” - so it was a match made in heaven when she was hired  to illustrate a children’s book about a dog.

‘Street Dogs’, penned by Lisa Worth, is about a little dog called Rafiq and his adventures with his pack in the United Arab Emirates.

Mandy said: “Last year I was asked by Lisa to illustrate her lovely new children’s book.

“Lisa had been visiting UAE and then got stuck over there due to the flight bans back to the UK during the pandemic.

“Whilst there she wrote a story about a little dog Rafiq and his adventures with his pack, after seeing the street dogs living outside her apartment. The illustrations came at a time when things had slowed down for me too.

“Lisa and I had previously met through theatre shows in Liverpool, which had all stopped because of Covid.

“As we became friends, she noticed my character drawings of dogs.

“I was made up to be asked to illustrate, as I could draw dogs all day long and had just adopted my own ex-street dog Vicky.

“It took six months to complete all the images and I’m so happy with how it all turned out.

“It’s a beautiful book and it is getting lots of attention worldwide!”

Street Dogs is published by Kingsley Publishers and available for pre-order on Kindle and paperback, after September 2.

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