MP calls for recall of Parliament to address energy price rise crisis

MP calls for recall of Parliament to address energy price rise crisis

by Henry James (August 2022)

SEFTON Central MP Bill Esterson is calling for an immediate recall of Parliament to address the energy price cap as bills were predicted to soar to more than £5,000 per year.

Mr Esterson, Shadow Minster for Business and Industry, says Labour’s plan would ensure families' bills did not rise this winter, saving households £1,500 immediately, getting energy costs under control and helping tackle inflation.

Mr Esterson also backed calls for the Government to adopt Labour’s Warm Homes Plan that would save British families £11.4billion on energy bills in just three years.

Mr Esterson said: “Labour would freeze the energy cap for consumers.

“We are talking about the difference between a price cap of £1,971 now, a predicted increase to £3,500 next week and £4,200 in the spring, with much higher rises still to come, potentially, all the way to £5,500 without government intervention.

“Freezing the price cap is the key policy measure that should be implemented this coming week, which is why we are calling for Parliament to be recalled to take the decision to do so.

“Labour has a fully-costed plan to help deal with this energy emergency. Parliament should be recalled so MPs can make decisions now to give millions of people peace of mind by stopping energy bills going sky high.

“The government must adopt Labour's Warm Homes Plan now. Under the Conservatives, home insulation rates have plummeted to below 15 times less than the rate the last Labour Government were achieving before 2010.”

Mrl Esterson claimed the emergency package announced by Labour leader Keir Starmer, “would reduce energy demand and lower bills in the longer term by insulating 19 million homes across the country over the next decade.”

Mr Esterson said: “Labour told the government to implement this plan a year ago. If they’d acted, they could have insulated two million of the coldest homes by this winter - saving the typical household £1,000 every year on their energy bills.

“Insulating homes would not only support over half a million jobs in the construction and associated sectors, but would also safeguard the UK’s energy security by reducing our demand for foreign energy. It would cut national gas imports by up to 15 per cent.”

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