Church packed out for meeting on town’s controversial cycle lanes

Church packed out for meeting on town’s controversial cycle lanes

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

MORE than 200 people turned up to meet with Southport MP Damien Moore over the town’s controversial cycle lanes.

Mr Moore spoke at length at the meeting, which was held at Holy Trinity Church last Saturday, and also allowed an open discussion from a “broad range of voices.”

Sefton Council recently printed a notice in the Champion to inform locals that they intend to continue with the existing  cycle lanes  - despite their unpopularity - currently installed on Tulketh Street, Wesley Street, Hoghton Street and Chapel Street.

The local authority introduced the cycle lanes during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and claimed it encouraged more people to cycle, which is better for the environment.

MP Moore says that there is “overwhelming public opposition” to the lanes because it replaced on-street parking.

He said following the meeting: “It was absolutely fantastic to be able to host more than 200 people today to discuss the cycle lanes in Southport’s town centre.

“I found the meeting incredibly informative and would like to thank each and every person that attended. We had a great, constructive discussion from a broad range of voices.

“I know how much those who attended valued an in-person discussion.

It was great to meet everyone, and I hope we will see a positive change in Southport’s town centre - both for residents and for businesses.”

Following the meeting at Holy Trinity Church, many local residents took to social media to discuss the cycle lane issue further.

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One person said: “Why not invest in the current cycle lanes on the Coastal Road and the likes of Bentham’s Way. Both always overgrown and unused. Put bollards on them to make safer resurface and they might actually get used.”

Another person added: “The existing lanes are not visible enough and maybe Queen’s Road could remain open for cars. A review and feasibility study needs doing on possible cycle routes. I can see the need to link cycle lanes with the railway stations.”


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