Parole board deny Mitchell Quy appeal as thousands sign petition to keep him locked up

Parole board deny Mitchell Quy appeal as thousands sign petition to keep him locked up

by Ollie Cowan (March 2017)

A BID by Southport killer Mitchell Quy to be released from prison has been snubbed by a parole board, after 7,500 people signed a petition to keep him behind bars.

The family of Lynsey Quy, whose brutal murder at the hands of her husband in the resort in 1998 made national headlines, say they are breathing a temporary sigh of relief following the announcement.

However, they say they cannot rest easy and are asking people across the town to help them continue their campaign to keep Quy in jail.

Despite this latest ruling, Lynsey’s murderer is eligible to apply for parole again in just twelve months time.

So far, 7,544 people have signed a petition set up by Lynsey’s daughter, Robin, to stop Quy being granted parole. They were informed that his bid earlier this month had been turned down.

Currently serving a life sentence for the gruesome slaying of Lynsey, Mitchell Quy was jailed in 2000 to serve at least 17 years behind bars. He butchered his wife as their children slept in their Birkdale home.

Quy claimed Lynsey had run away from home and abandoned her children. The truth however turned out to be far more shocking.

After Lynsey, 21, disappeared over Christmas 1998, Quy had kept up an 18-month facade, even inviting journalists from the Champion into his Southport home to talk about how she had “just upped and left.”

In reality, he had killed her, dismembered the body and dumped it on wasteland after she threatened to divorce him.

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A passionate statement by Lynsey’s family was issued saying: “We have some very good news!

“Mitchell Quy has been refused parole, but will be up for parole in another 12 months.

“Whether or not he will be refused again, we don't know. But at least he is still behind bars.

“We will keep the petition running until next year.”

Quy pleaded guilty to murder and was jailed for life. To sign the petition visit and search for ‘killer quy’.

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