Skelmersdale residents claim new phone mast is causing havoc to their TV signal

Skelmersdale residents claim new phone mast is causing havoc to their TV signal

by Henry James (October 2017)

RESIDENTS of Ashurst in Skelmersdale claim a new phone mast in their area is causing havoc to their terrestrial TV signal.

The Vodaphone mast has been installed on the corner of Melbreck and Ashmead Road and has been turned on recently.

Ashurst resident, Fred Young, said he had spoken to a number of people who had experienced difficulty watching television since the mast had been switched on and claimed: “The phone mast was installed on the corner of Melbreck and Ashmead Road, Skelmersdale.

“Ever since it was turned on terrestrial television for residents has been terrible.

“One elderly lady said it ruined her watching of television and when you are 85, the TV is important.

“The TV signal is breaking up all the time for people.

“The mobile phone company are trying to rectify the problem and have sent an engineer to install aerial boosters, but only if they are notified by phone.

“There are some people who have called on aerial companies to fix the problem, probably not knowing about the real cause.

“This issue must have cost some people money.

“I just feel it is terrible if people, who can only afford terrestrial TV, have their life disrupted because of a phone mast.

“This issue has caused a real problem in the area.”

Vodaphone has been contacted for comment.

Across the country in recent years there has been reports of people having problems watching Freeview because of interference from 4G mobile phone networks.

The interference has resulted in image distortion and they have not been able to watch some channels.

 A Vodafone UK spokesperson commented: “4G is delivered using the old analogue TV spectrum, which was switched off in 2012.  When the Government sold the spectrum to all mobile phone operators, some of the proceeds were used to set up AT800, who will investigate any reported issues with the TV interference.  Any local resident experiencing TV interference should contact AT800 on 0808 13 13 800 and more information can be found at”



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