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  • Songs of Fab Four inspire cartoonist

    Tom Martin

    A CARTOONIST from Bootle who loves The Beatles has used some of their most famous songs to create some unique artwork.

    George Brooks, 66, has used Penny Lane, Yellow Submarine and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds as inspiration to come up with his own take on the Fab Four.

    When George was thinking of ideas for his next project, it dawned on him that his background growing up in Bootle with the words of John, Paul, George and Ringo playing in his ears was all the inspiration he needed.

    So he set to work on producing a limited-edition trio of colourful cartoons depicting three of The Beatles most well-known songs.

    One of the images features a yellow submarine, with John Lennon peering out of the window into the ocean.

    George said: “I grew up with The Beatles ringing in my ears and that was the inspiration for the paintings plus I had a fantastic childhood around the streets of Marsh lane, Boreland Street and Stanley Park.

    “I also remember days out on the bus with my mam and all of these memories contributed to these pictures, the characters and sounds of old Bootle.

    “There were some days I would be late for work at the Dock Road because we had spent the night on a Norwegian ship drinking bitter, I even remember the horse and carts were still going in those days and all of this just added to the imagination I have used to create these posters.”

    George has been a cartoonist for more than 35 years, but only got into the job after injuring his hand when working as an engineer.

    Prints areavailable to buy by contacting George direct at brook.sie@hotmail.co.uk

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